It was the Rolling Stones who popularized this song.  Mick Jagger singing the famous lyrics as he danced across the stage, “I can’t get no….satisfaction.”  He was the first (and only) guy to make “duck-lips” cool. (Side note: Seriously, if you’re still making duck lips in selfies you need to stop. Really. Thanks.)

Now that I have you humming the tune… I want to write briefly about satisfaction, and something that God has been speaking to my heart. True satisfaction has only one source: the person of JESUS CHRIST.  Many people go through life looking for that one “thing”, the thing that will finally satisfy them.  They turn to relationships, their career, or some pursuit of success; anything that will finally bring them that inner satisfaction and peace for which their soul craves. Others who have not found satisfaction will turn to substances, alcohol, or something else to numb the pain. Temporary relief, but no lasting value.  I’ll say it again: ONLY JESUS SATISFIES. 

As followers of Jesus we know this to be true, but sometimes we fall into the same deception. We wander around aimlessly in the wilderness of our discontentment, and we pray things like, “God, if you just heal this illness…” or “Lord, if I just get that promotion…” or “God, if you just fix all the stuff in my life…THEN I will be satisfied and serve You fully.” 

Friends, the same truth applies to our situations: ONLY JESUS SATISFIES. We spend so much time believing the deception that there is something in this world or this life that can satisfy us apart from Jesus.  Some miracle, some blessing, some opportunity or relationship, and if we have that one thing, JUST THAT ONE THING, then we will be truly satisfied, truly happy, and truly devoted to God.

God convicted me of this flawed thinking as I was praying for healing for a loved one.  “Lord if you take care of this one thing, then I will be satisfied.” At that moment, my prayer changed. “Lord, satisfy me with Your presence. If I am not satisfied with You, I will never be satisfied with anything in this world. ONLY YOU!!!”  I felt the presence of God wash over me, as if God was saying, “Now you understand.”

So many times we base our hope, our peace, and our satisfaction on the things of this world. We become too goal-oriented and too destination-oriented. We become so concerned with what we have, don’t have, need, or think we need that we forget this simple truth: If Jesus’ love for you is not enough to satisfy you, nothing else will ever be.

So forget about having every prayer answered and every situation perfect, or the pointless concept that you can find satisfaction in this world, and just fix your eyes on Jesus. Come into His presence. Remember: ONLY JESUS SATISFIES. 

Jesus answered and said to her, “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life. John 4:13-14


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